Core-FX Warranty

Core Caseworks LLC Quality 1 Year Limited Warranty
Core Caseworks LLC warrants its new products to be free from defects resulting from faulty manufacture under the following terms and conditions:

I. Warranty Length
For all new Core Caseworks products, parts warranted for one (1) year from the date of purchase, unless noted otherwise. Replacement products will be warranted for the remainder of the warranty period or thirty days, whichever is longer. Products sold as "B" stock, or refurbished stock; have their own limited warranty noted with the product.

II. Who Is Protected
This warranty is enforceable only by the original consumer purchaser. Proof of purchase is required for warranty service.

III. Coverage
This warranty is not an unconditional guarantee for the length of the 1-year length of the warranty. Core Caseworks products are made under exacting manufacturing standards. They are not indestructible. Our warranty does not cover product damage that may result from abuse or mishandling of the products, nor does it cover incidental or consequential damage.
The following are not covered by the warranty:
1. Any product which has been modified without permission from Core Caseworks, or on which the serial number has been defaced, modified or removed.
2. Normal wear and tear.
3. Damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from:

  • Accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, fire, water, lightning, or other acts of nature, unauthorized product modification or failure to follow instructions included with the product.
  • Repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorized by Core Caseworks, Inc.
  • Shipping or transport damage (claims must be made with the carrier).
  • Any other cause which does not relate to a product defect.

4. Cartons, cases, batteries, cabinets, tapes, accessories or other consumables used with this product.
5. Core Caseworks LLC does not warrant that this product will meet your requirements. It is your responsibility to determine the suitability of this product for your purpose.
6. Installation or Removal charges.
7. Shipping charges.
8. Any incidental charges.

IV. Exclusion of Damages.
Core Caseworks’ sole obligation and liability under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of a defective product at our option. Core Caseworks shall not, in any event, be liable for any incidental or consequential damage, including but not limited to damages resulting from interruption of service and loss of business, or for liability in tort relating to this product or resulting from its use or possession. 
Core Caseworks products have been tested in normal home conditions.  They have not been certified by any official association.

V. Limitations of Implied Warranties
There are no other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to those of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The duration of implied warranties is limited to the warranty length specified in Paragraph I.

VI. Local Law and Your Warranty
This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights granted under local law. These rights may vary.

VII. To Obtain Customer Support.
Please see your product owner’s manual or visit the Online Support section at for details and contact information.

VIII. To Obtain Warranty Service.
In the event that warranty repair or replacement is required, Core Caseworks will request proof of purchase (store receipt or invoice) in order to receive warranty service.
In North America: Within the first 60 days after purchase, please return your product to your dealer or reseller for a replacement. If the product is still within warranty and can no longer be returned it to the dealer, please contact Core Caseworks Customer Support for assistance and instructions. Core Caseworks will not accept returns without prior approval and an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.
In Europe: Within the first year after purchase, please return the product to the dealer or reseller for a replacement. If the product is still within warranty and can no longer be returned to the dealer, please contact Core Caseworks Customer Support (see above) for assistance and instructions. Core Caseworks will not accept returns without prior approval and an RMA number.
Outside North America and Europe: If your product needs to be returned within the warranty period, please do so through the retailer or distributor from whom the product was purchased from.
When contacting Core Caseworks, be sure to be as detailed as possible with the fault you are experiencing.  Core Caseworks will fax/email you an RMA that must be returned with the product for proper warranty process.  Core Caseworks LLC is not responsible for product that is returned without an RMA.  Be sure to package the product securely (preferably in its original packaging) and ship it postpaid. The dealer or Core Caseworks will not be responsible for damage due to shipping. During the warranty period, the product will be repaired or replaced without charge, excluding shipping and handling.