Core Caseworks Product Line:

Frosted Cover


The CORE-FX enclosure is made to accommodate any standard computer components on the market today:

  • Full Size ATX / EPS Power Supply
  • Full height / length Expansion Cards
  • Micro-ATX Motherboard
  • Slim Optical Drive
  • (2) 3.5" Hard Drives

Pictured here are your choices of a black tint cover, or the White Frosted cover.

Core-FX Black Tint Cover:


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Core-FX White Frost Cover:

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Installation Video's:
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Parts Description:
  Case taken apart  
The picture above shows the Enthusiast Level Case taken apart with the parts labeled. This section will describe each part, their function, and how they assemble together.

A: Main Case
This part is the main Back Box. This back box has a depth of 3" and mounts flush, (flat to the surface), into the wall. Three holes along the topside allow wires to enter. Two holes along the bottom are for the hard drive enclosures to drop in. This Back Box has tabs to allow the motherboard mount to hang in place, and slots to allow the Power Supply mount to clip into place for ease of installation.

B: Hard Drive Enclosures
These are the two, 2.5"hard drive enclosures. They slide down into the Back Box, (A), behind the wall and are not visible when the installation is complete. Both Hard Drive enclosures have an air scoop that point toward eachother. When installed, these air scoops line up to accommodate an 80mm fan. This fan acts as the Cases air intake.

C: Motherboard Mount
The Motherboard Mount is available in two sizes, one for full height expansion cards, one for half height expansion cards. This Computer Case is able to accommodate a Micro-ATX motherboard. The Motherboard Mount has tabs on the sides allowing it to hang in the main Back Box (A) before securing in place with screws, removing the need to hold the motherboard in place. 4 screws then secure the Motherboard Mount to the Back Box.

D: Power Supply Mount
The Power Supply Mount is available in two sizes, one for a standard ATX Power Supply, the other for a slimmer U1 Power Supply. This Mounting bracket is attached to the Power Supply, then clipped into place inside the Back Box (A). Once clipped into place, it can be secured with two screws.

E: Spacer Piece
This piece is a decorative spacer that holds the cover assembly, (F), in place. This spacer has a hole on one side to allow the passthrough of a standard laptop slim drive.

F: Cover Assembly
The Cover Assembly is available in a clear tint, frosted, and solid colors, all with any basic colors available. The Cover Assembly has bracketry to accommodate a standard slim optical drive. Two tubes are used to guide air into the Case. The bottom intake where the fan mounts to the Hard Drive enclosures scoops (B), and the top exhaust where a fan mounts to the Main Case.



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